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Resolution API is a lightning-fast wrapper over our powerful "redefined-resolver-js" library. This API is designed to provide developers with a seamless and efficient way to access comprehensive user-owned name data. Whether you need synchronous or asynchronous retrieval, our API delivers speedy results, allowing you to focus on building exceptional applications. Allowing the resolving of Web3 IDs, domain, name services, and reverse resolution of wallet addresses to names.

Try the API

-> Resolve

-> Reverse Resolving


  • Unrivaled Speed: Our API delivers blazing-fast response times, ensuring your users get the information they need without delays.

  • Easy Integration: With two simple and intuitive methods - synchronous and asynchronous - you can effortlessly incorporate our API into your applications and services.

  • Flexible Query Parameters: Tailor your requests with ease. Specify the domain and optionally choose networks and vendors to perform targeted searches for user-owned names.

  • Rich Responses: The asynchronous method provides more than just the user name data. It also includes valuable information like "completeness" and "processedVendors" to enhance your application's functionality.

Use cases

  • Send: Allow users to send by any Web3 Social ID, Domain, or Name service.

  • Transactions: Display the user's historical transactions in a human-readable way.

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