Use Cases

Making web3 accessible, simple, and convenient for everyone, everywhere

redefined: Smart Profiles

The redefined: Web3 Smart Profiles is an innovative solution that simplifies cross-chain user interaction by providing a non-blockchain-specific and human-readable identifier. This unique identifier works across all blockchains seamlessly in various scenarios. Users can easily register their preferred username or email address and manage all their name services, identities, credentials, and wallet addresses in one platform across multiple profiles. With this feature, users can use the same identity to interact with various blockchains and applications without creating separate identities for each one.

redefined: API, SDK & Widget

The newly updated dev kit encompasses all prominent social name and domain services from various Layer 1 and 2 solutions. This unified approach not only saves developers time but also minimizes compatibility issues. The SDK's improved versatility, scalability, and future-proof design make it a game-changer in the web3 era, while the API delivers with lightning speed. Partners can now integrate the redefined SDK and seamlessly connect to all the naming data their users own. Here is a complete list of all supported service providers available.

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