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What is a Name Service?
Name Service refers to assigning human-readable names to complex and unique blockchain addresses, such as a wallet or smart contract addresses. The purpose of Name Service is to make it easier for users to interact with the blockchain by allowing them to use a memorable and easy-to-remember name rather than having to remember a long and complex address.
What is a Domain Service?
Domain Service is a broader concept that encompasses managing and registering domain names for blockchain entities, such as wallets, tokens, and smart contracts.
What is a Web3 Identity?
A Web3 identity is a digital identity that can be used on blockchain networks. It allows users to use the same identity to interact with different blockchains and applications without creating separate identities for each one.
What is redefined: Smart Profiles?
A cross-chain profile registered with a username or email, allows users to connect and manage all of their web3 IDs, Social, Domain, name services, and verifiable credentials in one place and have a unified identifier.
Which wallet can I use?
The recent version of the redefined dApp currently has support for MetaMask and WalletConnect. WalletConnect supports a variety of wallets, including Ledger, Gnosis Safe Multisig, Zerion, Uniswap wallet, and many more, providing users with a range of options. Here is a list
Which blockchain should I use?
You can interact, register and manage your profile from Arbitrum One or any EVM chain. In the next version, we are extending this further to provide you will all possible and convenient connections.
How to register?
We have streamlined the registration process, making it as easy as possible for users to register with either a username or an email. The process is simple: 01. Connect your wallet 02. Search for a username 03. Add the wallet address for the desired blockchain
What names can I register?
You are free to register any available username of your choice. However, please note that usernames must be at least four characters long and cannot consist solely of numbers. There are three types of usernames available:
  • Superior name
  • Premium name
  • Standard name
Additionally, usernames can be used with or without the "@" symbol.
Can I register by email?
YES, you can link your email to your identity by following these simple steps: 01. Register your email address 02. Confirm the One Time Password (OTP) that you receive 03. Add the wallet address for the desired blockchain
How much does it cost to register a name?
We are currently offering a dynamic pricing model for user name registration based on the name length by characters starting with 10$. Email registration is based on a flat fee of 10$.
Can I send with any name service through redefined?
YES, you can send messages using redefined's usernames, registered email addresses, or any of the supported Web3 social, domain, and name service providers. For a comprehensive list of these supported providers. Here is a link
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