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Through the redefined dApp, you can register your Web3 Smart Profile to manage all your identities. Whether you are an individual, community, gamer, or professional, you can now leverage the power of redefined: Profiles to Share, Demo, Send, Receive, Verify, and more. Link all your identities, addresses, or any of the supported Social IDs, Domains, or Name services to your profile. Even though the SCs "smart contracts" for Registration and Managing records are currently deployed on the Arbitrum One network, we leveraged the Axelar Network through our Squid router integration, allowing the registration, managing, and all interactions of your profile to be from any evm chain at all times. To achieve a genuinely Cross-chain experience, you shouldn't care about the underlying blockchain for universal usage anymore.
The redefined: Smart Profiles enable users to register their preferred username or email address as a unified identifier for the entire Web3 ecosystem. This simplifies the complexity of fragmented identifiers and allows for seamless sending and receiving of crypto assets across multiple blockchains.
The redefined dApp is compatible with Metamask Wallet and WalletConnect. Here is a list of all supported wallets by WalletConnect.
If you don't have a wallet yet, Here is a Guide to Creating your first.